Extention extension 違い

Files with the .txt extension usually contain text. An optional software component that adds functionality to an application.

The first reason is to write extension modules for specific purposes;these are C modules that extend the Python interpreter. 例文帳に追加. A kind of derivative morpheme applied to verbs in Bantu languages. a browser extension The set of tuples of values that, used as arguments, satisfy the predicate. 問題を解いていて疑問だったものなのですが、それはOfficials won't know the ( ) of the damege to the area until the flood waters have gone down.という問題で、extentかextensionを入れる、というものでした。正解はextentでし extend と extension と extensive はどう違いますか? 説明が難しい場合は、例文を教えて下さい。